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Commercial Bat Removal San Bernardino

Bats can cause issues for commercial buildings in the San Bernardino area. If your business has customers entering the building no one wants bats scaring them off. Even if your building just has your employees, contamination by bat guano is not ideal working conditions. If you are 100% sure that an isolated bat just wandered in, it is possible for the business owner to deal with it on their own. Most likely though, somewhere in the building is a colony. This situation is best handled by professional commercial bat removal specialists.

In the case of one misguided bat, it is harder to deal with in commercial locations than in a home. Some commercial locations have limited openings to the outside. In a home you can isolate the bat in one room open windows and wait for the bat to leave. This may not be an easy option in some buildings. In locations where this is more difficult it may be best to consider hiring a bat removal professional. If you handle this situation alone or with help make sure you do a thorough investigation to make sure it was a lone bat and seal any entry points to limit the risk of more bats entering the property.

If you find evidence that you have a colony in your building many factors have to be considered. Safety of the people who use the building should be the main consideration. While the rabies risk is low, it does still exist. Also guano contamination is a real issue and must be handled properly. You must also be aware of the maternal season as bat exclusion should not be made if there are young. In this instance it is best to wait until the young are old enough to fly and can be excluded as well. Excluding the adults and leaving the young to die is not a successful outcome and will result in odor problems as well as bug infestation issues. Cost and reducing litigation liability must also be considered. As a wildlife professional in San Bernardino County, we know the laws that affect bats in the area. We can manage the bat exclusion properly, efficiently and quickly this will limit both cost and possible legal issues from tenants or the public.

Commercial Bat Clean Up San Bernardino

After you have had all bats excluded from your property, proper cleanup, repair, and sealing of the building must occur. All areas where bats have left urine or droppings must be cleaned and disinfected in a safe and thorough way. Any damage done by the bats should be repaired and any drywall contaminated by guano or bat urine replaced.

The building should be completely inspected and any possible entry points sealed to prevent bats from returning to the site. Property owners could consider contracting with a bat removal expert to have yearly bat maintenance inspections. This will limit the problem from recurring as any possible entry points would be found and sealed before bats could set up home in your building.

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